Drizzly dragon boating

Bed would have been by far the best place to be at 7am. This cold, drab winter continues to drag ever onwards, but today I had places to go. For this morning was the first training session of my fabulous dragon boating team, the Sai Kung Blazing Paddles. I know, many teams have been tirelessly hitting the water all winter, but we know our limitations and do tend to have a break over the colder months. However, with a big race event looming in just over a month, it was time to hit the waves and get paddling. We are an all-female team (with good reason, the last time we let the men in the boat they sank it, more about that another time), we train twice a week, we love a good end-of-season party and now and again we bring home the odd piece of silverware (one of which is currently proudly displayed in my downstairs loo). Anyway, the session went well despite the drizzle and the cold, and we’ll be back out on the Inner Port Shelter on Thursday night. More of our daring exploits as this blog evolves over the coming months… I know, the anticipation is killing you. In the meantime, if you are fit, fun, female, live in the Sai Kung area of Hong Kong and would like a go in the boat, look us up on our Blazing Paddles Facebook page.