Hong Kong’s first women’s TEDx event is launched


Hong Kong plays host to its first TEDWomen event next week, with the launch of TEDxTinHauWomen.

Although both TEDxHongKong and TEDxWanChai have held women’s events in the past, this is the first annual TEDx in Hong Kong directed by women and dedicated to women. The name, TinHauWomen, pays homage to Tin Hau, the Chinese goddess of the sea and recognises Hong Kong’s unique coastal and spiritual history.

Co-chaired by Jen Flowers and Stef Meyers, it takes place on November 3 to coincide with the global TEDWomen event in New Orleans which takes the form of a three-day conference focusing on the power of women and girls to be “creators and change-makers”.

The global topic ‘Bridges’ has been adapted for Hong Kong to become ‘Bridges: Two Become One’ and each speaker has been asked to share what this means to them.

“Our speaker process is pretty extensive and intense,” says Flowers. “We do a combination of a call for speakers through social media and so forth, as well as actively reaching out to contacts, people we have met and know about.” Public response has so far been positive to the shortlist. “One sponsor described our speakers as being really representative of Hong Kong – people from all over and with different lifestyles. This is the heart of who we are.”

The eclectic mix of speakers include – amongst others – a domestic helper explaining how she broke free to achieve her mountaineering dreams; an opera singer discussing her passion for enriching and diversifying Hong Kong’s cultural scene; and a mother and daughter sharing their perspectives on Hong Kong’s education system. No stone is left unturned, including the topic of ‘poop’ in nutritionist Cristina Tahoces’ intriguingly titled talk ‘Sleep, Love, Poop’, which examines at nutrition’s role in mind-body strength.  

“We’re hoping delegates take away the inspiration that might cause them to change or see the world differently,” says Flowers. “And also connection – meeting new people who maybe also liked a similar talk, or hearing from committee members about how they got involved. And of course there are amazing goodie bags.”

According to TEDx rules, talks cannot last longer than 18 minutes and there is no follow-up question and answer session. Delegates can come and go, although the event is designed as a full, half-day session. “We would love people to experience it from beginning to end,” says Flowers. Some of the New Orleans-based discussions will be streamed, although the Hong Kong team hasn’t yet decided which ones.

The long-term aim is to follow the afternoon up with a breakfast panel Q&A post-event in December and possibly a TEDx Salon after Chinese New Year.

TEDxTinHauWomen is non-profit and tickets cost $400/person, 1-7pm, The Cube, PMQ, Aberdeen Street, Central, https://pelago.events/event/#!/4057/4057- 57569589717219d69ad30b495a1b11d48428dee9

More information can be found at www.TEDxTinHauWomen.com and www.facebook.com/TEDxTinHauWomen/