Born and raised in the UK, I kicked off my research and writing career with a Single Honours degree in French Language & Literature with Spanish Language at the University of Leeds, graduating in 1995. After a year teaching English to secondary level students in France, I spent two ‘gap’ years freelancing my way around the world in the heady,  pre-i-phone world of the late 1990s. There was a lot of faxing, letter-writing and queuing at Poste Restantes in this email-free utopia and much of my work of this time has sadly been lost for eternity.

Next followed a year-long internship in the UK for a travel magazine and finance quarterly.

In 1998 I moved to London as an associate editor for publishing giant Emap, at the time the UK’s largest publishing house. I worked across architectural and environmental business-to-business titles, with a smattering of freelance articles appearing in its stable of consumer magazines.

I then moved to Australia and launched a glossy monthly women’s consumer magazine, The Beauty Book, as well as freelancing for local, Sydney-based newspapers and magazines.

Ten years later and I was on the move again, this time to Hong Kong. I launched Southside magazine for Fast Media in 2012 and freelanced across Sai Kung & Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong Island and Midlevels magazines, before taking the helm at Expat Parent magazine as editor in 2016.

Please take a look at my work on these pages, all of which has appeared in Hong Kong based print magazines from 2010 to the present day.

I have also produced press release and advertorial copy for a variety of Hong Kong companies, from international schools to new start-ups and multinationals.